How it works:

You know organising a group card for an event can be a hassle - you wish there could be a way to make it simpler and faster. Well there is!

  • Step 1

    You choose a card

    Start by choosing a card from our beautiful and diverse range. Set up a gift collection (if required). The purchase price also includes online message collection and delivery. Too easy!

  • Step 2

    Get others involved

    Simply invite as many people as you like to sign the card using the order form. Personal messages are submitted online. Online gift contributions can be made securely and anonymously.

  • Step 3

    You get your card!

    You receive your card – delivered to your door, with personal messages printed inside. We'll transfer any gift contributions made directly to the organiser (credit card fees of approx. 3% apply).

Card of the week:

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