20 Office Card Greetings That Don't Suck

5 April 2017        Posted by: Esther Halvey

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! It’s a Boy! Generic sentiments - they are the office greeting card staple and though celebrating employee milestones is important, organising a card that doesn’t suck can be a hassle.

If you have ever been unlucky enough to find yourself tasked with organising an office card, you’ll know choosing the right card and crafting a witty message can be difficult. Never fear! We’ve done the hard work for you.

Below are 20 examples of greetings for office cards that don’t suck. You’re welcome!

Greetings for Farewell Cards:

1. We look forward to your coming back party! (Wishful thinking)

2. Farewell! Live your dreams! (Especially the rude ones)

3. Now we are going to have to teach a new people how to make our coffees!

4. Don’t forget us the moment you leave, from Ann Non

5. Sorry to see you go!

Greetings for Birthday Cards:

1. Happy “another loop around the sun” day. PS I’m not saying you're loopy.

2. For your birthday we’re giving you EARLY RETIREMENT! Only kidding, here’s a card.

3. Every year we’ve had you here I've gotten more and more grey hair… Not your fault!

4. I love your birthdays so much that I wish you could have one every year.

5. You’re still closer to 0 than 100, so NOT OLD YET!

Greetings for New Baby Cards:

1. Congrats! We look forward to the first 1,000 photos! 😃.

2. Congrats, only eight more to go until you have that football team.

3. Happy birthday to you version 2!

4. Sleepless nights = DOUBLE MORNING COFFEE!

5. I think your baby is going to be an astronaut because we’re all over the moon!

Greetings for Wedding Cards:

1. And there we were thinking that we were the special ones in your life 😔

2. Congrats! We thought you were married to your job!

3. We are going to miss you! From the single girls.

4. Welcome to the club! From the married girls.

5. Congratulations on your first marriage! Hopefully it’s your last!

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